riddles in the dark

Riddles in the Dark

Riddles in the Dark

Story from the Poetic Prose series.

“All you desire demands a price to pay”

A new Micro Fiction upload! To read, please follow the link below (:

Riddles in the Dark

Today’s upload is a story about an old kind of magic, beckoning you to an enchanted place filled with both darkness and light, where you may trade for all you desire…

I hope you’ll enjoy it~

Love, Kiyo

NOTE: Sweek Micro Fiction Contest: #MicroDay

Riddles in the Dark was written for Sweek’s monthly micro fiction contest, with this round its requirement to write a story of 250 words featuring the word “day”.
You can also find this story on my Sweek profile, and I’d love it if you have a minute you would visit my story and possibly reward it with a like (and follow) there before the closing of this round on the 22nd of June ❤

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