Kiyo introduces Dreamscape, an illustrated journey in art and poetry.

Filled with 26 works of original art, Dreamscape invites you to escape into another world. Executed in an all-blue colour scheme the imagery blends the thin line between fiction and reality; combining the ordinary with the magical, opening a door into a world where, even just for a moment, the impossible seems to have been made possible...

“Dreams, they are wishes swimming into your mind in the middle of the night.”

The art of Dreamscape is accompanied by a rich variety of poetry, ranging from haiku to free-form pieces, inspired by days of chasing goals, wishes and daydreams, late nighttime ponderings, and staying strong in those moments of falling down and getting up again, holding on to the valid courage to keep believing in yourself.

Dreamscape is available for purchase now for € 26,95

The art-book comes published in hardback, measuring approximately 18 x 18 cm (7 x 7 inch), with 64 rich, full-colour pages featuring original art & poetry by Kiyo.

– Dreamscape is printed and sold internationally from The Netherlands, shipping & handling fees may apply –

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