New: Poetic Prose

New: Poetic Prose

Hello everyone,

Today I’ve added a new page to the website: Poetic Prose. Here I’ll share – surprise, surprise πŸ™‚ – pieces of prose in the shapes of micro fiction and short stories, which are inspired by the many facets of life, and often touched with a hint of fantasy.

To get a taste of what I’d be sharing, I invite you to read both:

Eight Days of Love

I’ve always enjoyed writing short prose, trying to convey (alike to my Micro Poetry and Haiku series) an emotive tale in a small amount of words. Recently, my discovery of the contest #Sweekstars over at Sweek, prompted me to rediscover my love for this medium and I’ve presently entered two of my pieces into the competition. If you are a Sweek member, and liked reading my work, I’d be thrilled if you’d head over there and give them a like and follow! (:

Thanks, as always, for taking the time to read and visiting my site ❀

Love, Kiyo

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Dreamscape – Out Now!

Dreamscape – Out Now!

Hello everyone,

Today I happily – and, I admit, a little proudly – announce that my new book, Dreamscape, an illustrated journey in art and poetry, has been published and is available for purchase!

Combining my abilities as both a poet and digital artist, it’s a project I’ve been working on for months untill completion, and from now on I extend my warmest invitation to you, reader, writer, art-lover, fellow artist, (or even dear alien), to escape into another world.

β€œDreams, they are wishes swimming into your mind in the middle of the night.”

Filled with 26 works of original art, Dreamscape is executed in an all-blue colour scheme, the imagery blending the thin line between fiction and reality; combining the ordinary with the magical, opening a door into a world where, even just for a moment, the impossible seems to have been made possible…

The art of Dreamscape is accompanied by a rich variety of poetry, ranging from haiku to free-form pieces, inspired by days of chasing goals, wishes and daydreams, late nighttime ponderings, and staying strong in those moments of falling down and getting up again, holding on to the valid courage to keep believing in yourself.

Curious to see more? I invite you to visit the bookpage where you’ll find an extensive preview of both the imagery, and the included poetry.

Dreamscape is available for purchase now for € 26,95. The book comes published in hardback, measuring approximately 18 x 18 cm (7 x 7 inch), with 64 rich, full-colour pages featuring original art & poetry by me, Kiyo.

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy it. Leave me a line with your thoughts; I’d love to read them – thank you <3

Love, Kiyo

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Introducing the Haiku Series

Introducing the Haiku Series

Hello everyone,

I’m exited to announce that starting in the month of June a new poetry series will be added to my weekly uploads called: the Haiku Series.

Influenced by my love for the minimalistic art of Japanese poetry, this series will hold (mostly) free-form haiku; the pieces inspired by seasonal kigo and my own observations. Same-wise inspired by tradition, the pieces will be uploaded with a visual design, alike to my micro-poetry series, yet contrastingly executed in toned down greys for the desired simplicity.

Haiku; An unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing, when possible, five, seven, and five syllables respectively. Traditional Japanese haiku are about the seasonal changes of nature, the changes in the life of plants and animals, heaven and earth, but also the changes in the daily life of humans within the society, like festivals and food.

Kigo; A collection of seasonal words that have inspired haiku writing for centuries; divided traditionally into Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter and the New Year, where each season comes in four sections: early, middle, late and all the three of them.

For an example of traditional kigo, have a look at the 500 Essential Japanese Season Words.

Looking forward to start sharing these with you all, so keep an eye on my blog and social media for the first official uploads!
And last, but not least, thanks to all of you for your likes, loves and comments – you’re wonderful.

~Kiyo ❀

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