Equinox and Solstice

Story from the Poetic Prose series.

”Just the two of them; a secret place”

A new Micro Fiction upload! To read, please follow the link below (:

Equinox and Solstice

Today’s upload is a story, or more a fairytale legend, about the sun and moon, and how four times a year they’re allowed to celebrate their love. I hope you’ll enjoy it~

Love, Kiyo


For me, you are -truly- ‘a magician with words’! This is such a beautiful short story – written with so much passion! I think your love for words is phenomenal! I advise you to publish these micro fiction stories as a book – You will enrich the life so so many people with this! Again, beautiful and thank you for sharing!

… <3 Wow..! Thanks so much for leaving me, again, such amazing compliments, Stone! It's truly wonderful to know my work speaks to you as it does (: Also, thank you about the comment on publishing these as a book; it is definitely happening once the collection is large enough!

Wow,this is so beautiful! I really love your work.

Oh, thank you truly so much! It’s wonderful to hear you also keep enjoying my stories <3

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