New: eBook(s) at the Black Sheep Indie

Hello everyone,

Today I’m starting the weekend with another fun announcement; the release of Dreamscape, the poetry edition’s eBook version through Dutch online shop, The Black Sheep Indie!

Run by the vibrant Simone Lucchesi, The Black Sheep Indie is a growing home for Dutch indie-authors who both publish nationally, as internationally, and who wish to grow the market for indie-authors everywhere. As soon as I found the site, I knew I’d like it to be a place to also call my home — and after a delightful Skype-conversation with her two weeks ago, today, June 1st, it’s already happening and my eBook is officially for sale!

Kicking off with Dreamscape, I’m looking forward to leave more of my upcoming books in her capable hands, and without further ado invite you to head over to the shop by following the link below (:

Title: Dreamscape, the poetry edition
Price: €3,99
Kind: ePub

Purchase it now over at The Black Sheep Indie!

And in Other News

One last thing to mention is that the poetry edition is now also available for purchase through Dutch in both hard- and softcover! Want to check them out? Follow the links below (:

Hardcover | € 17,95
Softcover | € 9,95


Wishing you all the best for the weekend!

Love, Kiyo


Congrats with having your books published as ebooks; I own the (printed) illustrated version of Dreamscape and its absolutely beautiful – both in words as illustration! I hope that a lot of people will buy your books; your poetry rocks! 🙂

Awh, thanks so much for your lovely comment and compliments, Stone!
I’m so happy to learn that you enjoyed the illustrated version of Dreamscape; brilliant start of my Monday <3

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