Everlasting Shores

Story from the Poetic Prose series.

“A song that would carry me home”

A new Micro Fiction upload! To read, please follow the link below (:

Everlasting Shores

Today’s upload is a story about disappearing into the mythical realm of faeries and elves, exploring a magic of old. I hope you’ll enjoy it~

Love, Kiyo


WOW! You are soooo good with words; Everlasting Shores is a beautiful, magical and friendly short story – Superb !

Haha, WOW right back at you! Thanks so much for your wonderful compliment; I’m so happy you enjoyed this micro fiction piece (:

Wow, this is so lovely! I love it,

Thank you for your compliments!

I love the flow of the words, it’s absolutely perfect and so dreamy <3

Sincerely thank so much for the kind compliment! I’m so happy you enjoyed this short tale <3

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