Ghost of the Lighthouse

Story from the Poetic Prose series.

Ghost of the Lighthouse

“She is ever there; waiting, waiting for you.”

A micro fiction story inviting you to walk the winding steps up to the home of a haunting ghost…

Love, Kiyo


And another beautiful story!

Thank you; I’m happy you think so! <3

First of all: That cover is STUNNING.
Second: the story, it’s so beautiful, I love it!!! <3 The wordflow is great and the story feels so bittersweet! Can't wait to read more… and to read this in a book someday… maybe? Pretty please? ;D

Oh, wow! Thank you, thank you so much! Your comment gives me very happy-Saturday-vibes! <3
And, definitely yes. There will be a book in the future! *hugs*

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